HLMS is a one-man army in the shape of a Copenhagen based art director. They have created identities and logos for various companies in Denmark and some abroad. Therefore, their website had to reflect that professionalism in style and efficiency.

Rebel Food

This is a new street food collective in Copenhagen. They aim to broaden the knowledge and use of street food in Copenhagen. They set up food markets all over Copenhagen throughout the summer, and collaborate only with a selected few of the best food trucks. So obviously they needed a website to keep people up to date on where they will appear next time.


As my exam project from Multimedia Design me and my group created a platform. The purpose of it is to connect elderly, possibly lonely, people who has a lot of knowledge, with entrepreneurs who could benefit from this knowledge. In exchange, the elderly gets a feeling of purpose and interact with other people.

Brasseriet Baum

During my internship I had the opportunity to work on some exiting projects, one in particular was Brasseriet Baum. It's popular restaurant in Køge that needed an update on the look and responsibility of their website. We had to create the feeling of the restaurant while keeping the navigation and feel of the website open and inviting to everybody.

Smagen af Lykke

I was hired to create a web shop for the already existing website, for a food truck called "Smagen af Lykke". After I started working on the site, it turned out that it had been build around a theme, that gave very limited possibilities for using plug-ins. So I ended up recreating the entire site, before I could setup the web shop. Ufortunatly, the site is offline at the moment.

Games and simulations

Music Quest

This game is a fairly simple, but it involves a few puzzle elements. The concept of the game is to solve the puzzle of each level, which unlocks a piece of a music track eg. the drums. When you have collected all the various tracks, you have the full track

Drone simulation

This project is about simulating a program that can send out drones, to accidents. Simple and neat. It shows some of the possibilities of jQuery and CSS.



  • HTML: Experienced
  • CSS3: Experienced
  • jQuery: Experienced
  • Javascript: Experienced
  • JSON: Experienced


  • PHP: Competent
  • SQL: Competent
  • C#: Familiar


  • Photoshop: Familiar
  • InDesign: Familiar
  • Illustrator: Familiar



Hi! My name is Stefan.

I'm a frontend developer and I create customized web sites for all sorts of people. I develop in Wordpress using the Avada theme, which is extremely user friendly and therefore easy to maintain afterwards. If you have a challenge for me or just want to hear more, then write me at


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